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Masood Khan

The recently announced IBA-Karachi’ admission test results for BBA, Computer Sciences, Economics, Maths, Accountancy and Financial disciplines, tell us a gloomy story of what’s happening in schools and colleges run by Sindh government. Out of 1055 candidates, 754 students (70%) who got admission in the BS and BBA programmes were from A-level curriculum while the remaining 301 students (30%) were from the intermediate class curriculum. Not a single student who passed matriculation exam from any government school cleared the IBA test. IBA claims that admission test is based on intermediate syllabus but very few inter-class students cleared the test. Few decades back, most of the IBA’ successful candidates used to be from government schools (nicknamed as Yellow Schools). Who is not aware that deplorable standard of teaching and copy culture has moved IBA (and all such prestigious institutes) away from those students who can’t afford private schools education. But even not every private school is a successful story; it all depends on how much you are ready to pay as these are run as profit making machines. It’s quite clear that not only this government but every outgoing and incoming government doesn’t consider education as its top priority. It may be a funnel to allocate funds but IBA admission results expose what’s being taught in government schools and colleges, if ever taught anything. Education is now a private matter, it’s no more a state concern; its up to you to keep your kids in government-run schools and throw them in a viscous cycle of poverty. Recently Sindh government has announced a large chunk of 2016-17 budget for education — do you think anything will change, other than fattening of few accounts balances?
— Saudi Arabia

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