A First Lady takes waitress’ job

A Reuters report says the wife of (US state) Maine’s Governor has
taken a summertime job as a waitress at a dockside restaurant catering to tourists to supplement the couple’s income. The Maine Governor’s salary is the lowest in the United States at $70,000 a year and Maine first lady Ann LePage said she is working at a seafood restaurant in Boothbay Harbour to put aside a little cash to buy a car.
The Governor is on record having said that his daughter too made about $28 an hour last year as a food server. This is not just the story of one Governor as there have been numerous instances where leaders picked up petty jobs during their career and mentioned it proudly before people. President Obama once said he also worked at a food outlet at some time in his life while President Reagan worked as Lifeguard in Dixon. It is a known fact that people in Western society join some job right from their educational career to supplement their income or at a later stage to augment income of their families. The first lady working as waitress is a clear example of good governance, transparency and rule of law as a governor, who feels he cannot manage his affairs in the official salary, allows his wife to join a restaurant than to indulge in corrupt practices as is the case in the third world countries. The Mogul style mentality of rulers and elite class in these countries makes it unimaginable to take up such petty jobs and instead efforts are made to hide things if they had to face such a situation in their early life. This also makes it clear as to why countries of the West flourished rapidly and those of the third world sank into ignominy. We wish the same culture of taking pride in doing anything takes roots in these countries especially Muslim states as the Prophet of Islam (SWS) did not hesitate to mend his shoes.

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