A different globe..!

THE man with the white beard and half jacket who ruled a country with a majority of dark-skins, and the man with a black skin who lived in a white house and ruled over a majority of white-skins sat together and scratched their respective heads.
“So how’s your country doing?” Asked the black from the white house. “Good!” said white beard, “And how’s yours?” “Couldn’t be better!” said the black skin, “Let’s have a look at this new globe of world, created by this Nobel-Prize scientist, shall we.
They watched as an Einstein look alike brought a globe and set it on their table. “Let’s look at my country first!” said the white beard proudly, “Let me show you how we’ve progressed in the last two years I’ve been in power. More investments, cheap electricity, digital technology, ease of doing business, smart cities, Make in our Country! Free talk-time!”
“But the globe is not showing all that!” said the black man from the white house. “It’s showing pellets wounding young boys, women raped, students arrested, men lynched for eating meat….” “Enough!” shouted the white beard, waving his hands angrily, “Now let us look at your country!” The black man from the white house grinned, “Let me show you medical care for the poor, recession under control, employment rate down, fantastic foreign policy!”
“But I don’t see any such thing,” said the white bearded man with a guffaw, “I see black men like you beaten by white policemen, people with guns shooting innocents in classrooms, a Trump bad mouthing Muslims…”
“Enough!” shouted the black president who lived in the white house to the white bearded prime minister, “Where is that mad scientist who designed this globe!”
“What do you want sir?” asked the Einstein look alike. “Is my invention defective?” “Look at the world!” said the two leaders angrily, “Look at how your globe portrays both our countries! Where’s the progress we’ve made happen?”
The inventor put his hands sadly onto his Einstein locks, “According to this globe of the world sir, progress is measured not by the peaking of industrial growth or highs of the stock market, but by treatment meted to the least of your citizenry, of how the weak are treated!”
“This is absurd!” cried the man with the white beard and the other with the black skin as they kicked the globe to pieces, “We don’t want such views lest the world judge us by them..!”
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