A decision taken in haste

Afreen Mirza

The decision to announce public holidays on the festivals of our minority communities, was it a right decision or a decision which would lead to other conflicts, especially among Muslims. It was a good move to announce a holiday on the religious occasion of the minorities, but it could have been a better decision if this holiday was only to be announced for the minorities and not for all the people in our country. Hindus and Christians should be given paid holidays on their festivals and that holiday should not be included in those yearly leaves they are provided with. By taking such decision our government has unintentionally provoked conflicts to rise among different sects of Islam. Now Shia and Bohri community would also want a holiday on their occasions like the Bohri community celebrates the festival of Eid, two days before the regular Eid celebration by Shia and Sunni communities. And likewise Our Shia community would also demand for a holiday on their important events – Like birth anniversaries and Martyrdom days of the pious Imams and notable members of the Ahl e Bait. Similarly, Sunni community would also like to have off days on each and every urs of our great Sufi Saints. All these celebrations and holidays would add to the sectarian polarization and God forbid, the government would have to deploy heavy contingents of Police force, the Rangers and might be Army jawans to restore normalcy on these days of celebrations, and to stop such conflicts. Would they even announce a holiday for each of these events? Or they would just sit back and watch the drama? That is why it is advised not to take decisions in haste. Moreover, we are a developing country and have to go a long way to attain the safe level of development for the survival of the country, amidst the intrigues and designs of anti-Pakistan forces aimed at destabilizing Pakistan. We are the members of the nation carved out from the Hindu majority Sub continent by great leaders, like Quaid e Azam, whose motto, ‘work, work and work’ we all cherish and hold in high esteem. Let us work seven days a week, whole the year till Pakistan attains the level of economic independence and national sovereignty. If at all, we want to have breaks and holidays, then go for national days and occasions only. Too many holidays will be counter-productive for the country, and consequently to all of us.

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