A courageous woman

It is so heartening to see that women around the globe are speaking up against the sexual abuse and indecent behaviour they have suffered for years. Nadia Jamil is someone I have looked up to mainly because of the impeccable fortitude and strength that she projected during her career. Recently she too came out with her abuse story and to my utter surprise, I have read many derogatory comments on the social media blaming her for not speaking up before and even on joining the media industry.
I fail to understand the crude mindset behind those remarks that how do people including fellow women have the audacity to question a lady on such a tormenting situation she has been through. Blaming the victim for the adversity is completely preposterous and misleading. Abusers are afraid of the world where their abuse will be called out and condemned. That is why they strive to convince everyone that victims deserved it for being ‘weak.’ It is about time we start shaming culprits and not the sufferer.

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