A country of idiots..!

A country progresses when the best brains are put to good use for the sake of the nation! When those who are intelligent, work hard and have deep commitment are recognized by those in authority and immediately harnessed to lead! Two years ago, I visited the Argonne National Laboratory on the outskirts of Chicago.
It is the largest laboratory in the Midwest and run for the United States Department of Energy. It is focused primarily on designing and building nuclear reactors for the country. With a very elementary knowledge of nuclear physics I was amazed at the very simple way they demonstrated profound knowledge. Suddenly, one of us in the group started asking questions, and within a few moments we were surrounded by some of the best brains in the university explaining in even more detail and showing us even more in depth, experiments they had carried out. They invested a lot of time on us that morning.
All they had been waiting for was to teach and reveal more knowledge to those who were interested and clever enough to understand. They knew that they could ignite such people, like the person who asked those intelligent questions to higher learning and make inspire their minds to contribute and ultimately for the benefit of the USA. They were searching for such people with merit! In our country, merit is pushed down the drain. I can imagine the same scene in India. “Sir, could you explain how a nuclear reactor works?” asks a young child. “Are you from the reserved quota?”
Laughable though it sounds, this is what we are doing to those who strive hard and study painstakingly; we are slowly pushing them out. Not only will we have students who won’t ask questions, because they don’t need to because they know they can go through from school to college to jobs, and now even the highest places just being protected by their reserved quota status, but we will have teachers who will not know the answers if ever a question is asked!
Today the best amongst us are grabbed by the countries around us: Yes, the person who asked the question that day at the Argonne National Laboratory was an Indian, who will be snatched with glee by the US, even if his skin is brown. The 10% reserved quota bill was passed with no opposition at all because merit has no value in the country. And when merit has no value, we will become a nation of idiots! If you think I’m being idiotic, look around..!

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