A confused father

I am writing to you as I believe a serious issue needs to be addressed by the media on the recent court proceedings against manufacturers of tea whiteners and baby formula. My child was recently shifted to Nido on the advice of a close friend. Manufactured by one of the leading multinationals, I had full trust that the right decision was being made for my child. But, these court proceedings have left me in a lurch. At one point they are saying that tea whiteners are not milk as they contain vegetable fat (thankfully, I am well aware that they are only to be used in tea/coffee), but they completely disregard the fact that baby formulas are also made using vegetable fat!
I have even seen a social media campaign against baby formulas and other manufactured dairy products which contain vegetable fat. So which is it? Is vegetable fat harmful only in tea whiteners or baby formula as well? The media and relevant authorities need to help this confused father out. Till then no more baby formula for my child.

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