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Zaheer Bhatti

Detractors of Pakistan, their proxies around it and the liberal secular ‘enlightened moderates’ within the country must be wonder-struck by the unprecedented homage to the departed soul of Amjad Fareed Sabri, a 39-year old devotional vocalist in praise of the Prophet (SAW), as he won his place in the Heavens with his last premonition-bound prayer over a TV Show prior to being slain by the mindless agents of forces inimical to Islam. No wonder none of them uttered a word to condemn the cold-blooded murder. The paid assassins and their handlers must also have seen the bounties of their blunder reaped by the departed soul who was given a rousing send-off world wide before being lowered in his last abode because he was an emblem of peace, love and compassion for all mankind.
In hitting Amjad Sabri who was a messenger for global peace, and who in life had won nothing but friends, had not damaged a leaf nor broken a twig leave alone hurt any human being and had no political or ethnic leanings, the forces of evil have only further established who they were working for under the smoke-screen of Jehad and in the process tarnishing the image of the great Faith. Had they been waging true Jehad as Holy warriors, they would like the Afghan Taliban, have valiantly resisted foreign invaders and not sheepishly attacked their own country assets, places of worship, shrines, schools, innocent men women and children. These are mercenaries without conscience.
But what does one say about political dwarfs within the country who attempted to draw political mileage out of the tragedy by seeking to divert the funeral to their Party office claiming allegiance of the departed man to their leader while Sabri’s nephew begged of them to let it proceed to his home. It is also a shame that some leaders of that Party also tried to frame their adversaries by alleging that Amjad had received life threats over his refusal to join a particular Party, whereas Amjad Sabri’s elder brother who was also his father figure, categorically denied any such threat. But even if the alleged version was to be believed, why did these men of conscience not warn the authorities when Sabri was still alive and given him a chance to live on? This only further strengthens the generally circulated belief that this Party played politics over people’s blood and may well be pointing the trails of this murder to their own backyard; their connections with RAW already taking the rounds.
Amjad’s elder brother Sarwat who had flown in from Britain, in his laments to the Almighty cursed the assassins and prayed that they meet such an end that they find it difficult to die despite wishing to. He urged and appealed to General Raheel Shareef whom he aptly termed the man of the moment, to hunt down the forces behind the heinous crime and go after them rather than just those paid individuals wielding the gun. Although one is sure that the enamoured General and his men in uniform will continue to do exactly that, it is a pity that other entities required to do their bit in exacting the National Action Plan have been guilty of grave negligence and apathy. The country wide swoop by the Armed forces was orchestrated with Police reforms during the time the Rangers did their job and the Courts of law summarily convicting and bringing the perpetrators to justice but many of those apprehended were released on bail and are back on the rampage. This amounted to letting down the General and making the sacrifices of his men go in vain.
One can continue blaming external forces for internal turmoil, but even that reflects the incompetence of those at the helm of affairs in tackling them because security of each Pakistani subject is the responsibility of the State and therefore that of the sitting Government. The blood of each Pakistani killed is on the hands of the Rulers who have no right to the positions they hold and must step down if they cannot vouchsafe their subjects, a small glimpse of whose agony one witnessed over a TV Channel as an elderly soul aptly translated the haplessness of the State machinery.
The killing reportedly claimed by the Tehreek Taliban Pakistan which is sheltered in Afghanistan under the umbrella of Indian-Northern Alliance nexus supported by the US and the puppet Government in Kabul, has established nothing except exposing their tacit overt and covert involvement in terrorism across Pakistan for which they shall pay in the Hereafter. Now aiming at soft targets after the dismantling of their networks in Pakistan, the enemy proxies in their attempt to show that that they were still operational despite Operation Zarb-e-Azab, had succeeded in attracting world attention but only this time to their cowardly act exploding the myth of their so-called Holy War they were supposedly fighting against the enemies of Islam.
One optimistically looks at the great prospect of resurgence of the Islamic Ummah, should the followers of the Faith trust themselves rather than the Imperial clan promising them the moon and making them follow the mirage of affluence, security and protection. Having created its desired cartels in the Middle East, which was at the Centre of Islamic Oil power, the enemy has converged on the strategically pivotal South Asia finding Pakistan and Afghanistan in its way to Central Asia. Weary of Pakistan the only Nuclear Power among the Muslims with an enviable Armed force, Iran with its oil and nuclear capability catching up fast in self-defence and eying Afghanistan as the road to Central Asian landmass of riches, the Imperial forces have found the fast emerging Asian giant People’ Republic of China as a road block in the way of their cherished goals, and elected to field their new-found strategic partner India in a bid to contain the rising power.
After a noticeable calm achieved by the cleansing Operation this fresh wave of attempted disruption by the enemies clearly aims at diverting Pakistan’s focus from the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor which has been an eye-sore for them, and about which they have made no secret, even though the ‘One belt One road’ Chinese initiative only stood to benefit the whole region rather than the two countries involved. With a clear denunciation by Pakistan’s Army Chief in his address at the National Defence University, of disruptive ploys by detractors of Pakistan and the nation’s resolve to foil all such designs, one wishes to sound the forces of evil and advise them to abandon the course to mutual self-destruction and support Pakistan’s whole-hearted attempt to root out terrorism, and also avail the Chinese window of opportunity rather than create hurdles to development.
— The writer is a media professional, member of Pioneering team of PTV and a veteran former Director of programmes.

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