I-8 residents decry CDA’s apathy on illegal graveyard

Staff Reporter
Residents of capital’s sector I-8/2 have regretted obliviousness of Capital Development Authority to growth of an illegal graveyard, starting from two graves a few years back and taking the tally now to around six dozen graves. The inhabitants next to mini market in sector I-8/2 and Abu -Huraira mosque in street no 58 of the said sector have complained of a cold shoulder by the authority to this illegal practice that started at a patch of vacant land and now reaching to the personal houses of residents. The practice started way back in 1990s when there were only two graves and stated to be of the ancestors of those from whom the land was acquired. Since, the graves could not be moved to another place, it was decided that these should remain over there. But, over the period the practice of burying the deceased at this place continued unhindered. The residents on numerous occasions brought this practice to the knowledge of the Authority officials requesting to fence the area with the existing graves so the place does not turn into a regular graveyard, but to no gain. The inhabitants have also complained that the place that could be developed into a park has now emerged as a graveyard despite the fact that no graveyard was allowed at these localities since the capital already had graveyards at sectors H-8 and H-11. “We approached the Authority again and again over the years, repeatedly bringing to their notice the growth of this illegal graveyard,” said a resident of street 58 requesting anonymity. “But, our requests went unattended and the place turned into a regular graveyard just from two graves.” “If this trend is not stopped, in near future these graves would lead to our boundary walls seeming like that we are living with the dead,” he added. It has been learnt that these graves were on both side of the street, but the CDA after seeing growth of graves constructed boundary around the small graveyard on one side.

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