60 hot spots for cell snatching

Mahrukh Sajid

The Citizens-Police Liaison Committee has identified 60 places in the sprawling metropolis where incidents of street crimes, particularly snatching of mobile phones, have increased alarmingly. Law-enforcement officials believe that with the identification of the 60 “hot spots” the area police could manage to cut the number, if not curb the menace entirely, of street crimes by effective patrolling and consistent vigilance.
A comprehensive data prepared by the CPLC showed how the busy and densely populated neighbourhoods had become hotspots for criminals in recent months. The data appeared to be a guideline for the authorities at the Central Police Office (CPO) to plan a comprehensive strategy to check the growing number of street crimes there. It contained names and locations of the 60 areas — in all six Karachi districts — which have been declared ‘hot spots’ for mobile phone snatching and theft.
The officials said that although the number of streets crimes was less in the first nine months of 2016, it increased during the last quarter of the previous year to an extent that it sent ripples through the power corridors. “There are different indicators which define street crimes,” said an official citing the recently compiled data. “It includes snatching of mobile phones and vehicles — both motorbikes and four-wheelers — and their theft. However, mobile phone snatching is believed to be the most significant indicator among others which affect almost every class of the society and every neighbourhood of the city.”

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