6 Afghan operatives arrested from Pishin


Handlers responsible for running spy network; Enough is enough, Afghan refugees will now have to leave; RAW, NDS in collusion

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Quetta—Balochistan Home Minister Sarfaraz Bugti on Thursday said Pakistan’s security and intelligence agencies have arrested six operatives of Afghan intelligence agency involved in terrorist activities.
“Security forces have nabbed six Afghan terrorists involved in explosions, killings and other acts of terrorism in the provincial capital,” he announced in a press briefing.
Bugti said India’s premier spy agency RAW and Afghan intelligence NDS were working in collusion to destabilise Pakistan. Officers of the NDS were handlers of the agents, and provided them with the resources for killings and terror activities, he added.
Replying to a question, the home minister stated that it is the responsibility of the Foreign Office now to raise the issue with Afghan government.
He said the suspects, most of them Afghan refugees, were planted by Afghan intelligence agency National Directorate of Security and Indian intelligence RAW and confessed to killing more than 40 Pakistanis in various acts of terrorism.
He said Pakistan sheltered the Afghan refugees and in return for its hospitality got stabbed in the back.
“Enough is enough, Afghan refugees will now have to leave…it is up to them whether they choose to leave honourably or get thrown out by people of Balochistan,” he said.
He added that the government would use force to expel Afghan migrants from Pakistan if the global community gets failed to take initiatives in this matter.
“Want to give the Afghan president a message that if Afghanistan involves in killing of Pakistani people then things will deteriorate to the level where relations between both the countries would suffer,” stated Bugti.
“We can’t tolerate this hospitality as Afghan migrants are now involved in killing innocent Baloch people,” he said. “We are asking a simple thing…we made them [Afghan migrants] our guests, we showered them with hospitality but since now they are killing us, they should leave the country.”
Sarfraz also said that Pakistan always wanted brotherly relations with Afghanistan but NDS activities could worsen these relations. Pakistan would never allow Afghans to live as Pakistanis and that NDS and RAW have been using migrants to promote anti-Pakistan activities and sentiments, he added.
The provincial minister also said that Afghan army’s lieutenant Rozi Khan possessed Pakistani identity card. During Bugti’s press conference, in a video confession, an alleged under custody Afghan militant said that he paid 30,000 for a fake NIC in Pakistan.
“I am an Afghani from Helmand,” confessed the detained militant from Afghanistan. The militant said that he went to Afghanistan in 1996 and returned to Pakistan in 2005.
“During Hamid Karzai’s rule in Afghanistan we came to Pakistan and started living in Muslim Bagh refugee camp, “said the Afghan agent. One of the Afghan agents said during the video confession that he had met a person named Qazi Noor Muhammad who works for NDS in Afghanistan.
“Noor Muhammad made me meet NDS members, who said that we will spread unrest in Balochistan,” said the Afghan agent. Sarfraz Bugti announced the six Afghan spies were arrested from the Pishin area.
Bugti claimed the arrested spies were involved in subversive activities in the province, including targeted killings. The provincial minister lashed out at Afghan intelligence agency – National Directorate of Security – for deceiving Pakistan. “What is the Afghan intelligence doing with Pakistan?”
Bugti stated the spies were paid Rs 80,000 per bombing, and received a much higher sum of Rs 250,000 for carrying out a targeted attack on an individual.
Shedding light on the handlers of NDS responsible for running the spies, Bugti named three NDS generals, one of whom is now retired. “General Naeem Baloch, General Momin and General Malik are the handlers of the network, and General Malik has retired now.”
He elaborated that the generals were providing financial and logistical support to the spies with the aim of spreading chaos in Balochistan, and Pakistan as a whole.
Bugti stated that Pakistan wants to foster brotherly relations with Afghanistan, but if the NDS continues with its subversive activities, then it would be very hard to do so. The minister was accompanied by officials of the Frontier Corps. Terrorist Abdullah Shah confessed plotting 10 bomb attacks in Chaman on RAW and NDS direction. Abdullah also confessed that NDS officials used to provide him financial support, handing over Rs 80,000 for each attack.
The arrested terrorist revealed that he had murdered 22 people in Quetta and received relevant amount from Afghan province Kandahar in return.

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