5-day training of teachers for Montessori classes


Zubair Qureshi

Islamabad—Training in child-centered techniques provides them (kids of 3-5 years of age) with confidence, understanding and knowledge of things in a better way. Unfortunately, very little is done to train children in a proper way and to help them resolve the problems by themselves at the school level.
These views were expressed by the participants at the conclusion of the 5-day training workshop organized by Parwaan E9 National Center of Excellence in collaboration with the Prime Minister’s Education Reform Initiative of establishing Montessori classrooms in the public sector.
The trained teachers expressed satisfaction and gratitude to the trainers for telling them new techniques and methods at Montessori level. Now, we feel more confident as we are better equipped with new methods and techniques to teach children of age 3 to 5 years in 5 schools of Federal Directorate of Education in rural sector, said they.
The trainees were unanimous in saying that their training in child-centered techniques has given them the confidence to deal with the children of age group 3-5 years. Dealing with kids of that tender age is not an ordinary thing and one has to work hard to master in teaching the children. They said, earlier they had no formal training and this was an opportunity to learn new concepts in early years learning intervention.
Adviser on Prime Minister’s Education Reforms Project, Mr. Ali Raza on the occasion appreciated the dedication of the participants and stressed on the need to equip government schools with trained teachers to provide quality education to children in rural areas. He said this initiative would also be introduced in other parts of the country too.
He suggested including session on inclusive education in such trainings and that these teachers should also visit Montessori classrooms in private sector and learn from there too. He also shared that twenty more teachers will be taken on board in coming days under the reform initiative. Earlier Ms.Mehnaz in her brief remarks while addressing the participants said, ‘You are the pioneers who will mould the future of Pakistan our children. Accountability should be within your self to give the best to the children of Pakistan he added. The Chief Guest at the conclusion of the ceremony distributed certificates among the trainees.

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