4G unavailability

In this modern age one can’t compete with the world without the facility of internet. The same case here in Turbat city is troubling the citizens to compete with other cities in terms of business, studies, banking and many more. Unluckily, a networking franchise, Warid, ran the 4G spectrum in the city for a short period where it got high response from all over the city. The short period proved very much beneficial for the franchise where every single individual of the city, along with me, started using it with the package of 700 per month.
Recently, Jazz has gotten the license of utilizing 4G service in every single corner of the country. It won’t be a bad idea if they chose the Turbat city in their planning to avail the system since it can prove highly effective for the betterment of the franchise. Finally, I would like to request the concerned authorities especially the Jazz network team to choose Turbat city with the 4G service and give the citizens the opportunity to show their inner talents to the country.
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