4,156 job seekers registered with Directorate of Manpower

Karachi—Directorate of Manpower and Training Sindh has announced that during the month of April 2016 it has registered 4156 job seekers.
According to details, three persons registered for higher posts, 2215 for clerical, 63 for technical and 1875 registered for un-skilled, said an official statement on Thursday.
Essential personnel to a number of 214 were registered at all Employment Exchanges in Sindh under Essential personnel (Registration) Ordinance No. X of 1948 during the period.
The major categories in which the person were registered were GDMO, HTV Driver and others.
During the period under report 976 applicants including women and 850 others were placed in employment by Employment Exchanges in Sindh. 184 were placed for clerical posts, 38 for technical and 754 persons were placed in un-skilled posts.
It has been further announced that 973 vacancies (all private) were notified by 148 employers (all private) to Employment Exchanges in Sindh during the month.
During the period 22 schools were visited by Regional Manager/ Manager, Vocational Guidance Office, Karachi, Hyderabad and Larkana, whereas 513 school talks were delivered to 1740 students regarding Vocational Guidance for their future career planning.—APP

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