There should be a constitutional amendment in Pakistan to guarantee the fundamental right of every citizen to proper nutrition. If there is scarcity of food at any stage, the state should be held liable. The right to adequate food is a human right and food security and nutrition is a key to tackling the root causes of hunger and malnutrition.
Pakistan has the opportunity to promote its development goals and policies with long-term effects for its population, especially the ones deprived from proper nutrition.
The country must formulate legislation for nutrition policies and programs. As a state, Pakistan must assert its obligation to the people of their right to adequate food. The state must announce a national nutrition policy and make commitments towards protecting the right of every individual to have access to his or her required nutrition.
There is vast potential for the country to build nutrition security. This continues to pose a serious challenge, reflecting the government’s shortcomings in meeting its obligations to ensure the availability and quality of food and thus impact the standards of health of the people. The government must give recognition to nutrition as a fundamental right of every citizen. It is only then that the future development goals of the nation can be achieved.

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