30 more days given for completion of probe

Inquiry into ‘planted story’

Sophia Siddiqui


Due to non-completion of investigation into what is popularly known as Dawn leaks, the government has extended the period of the inquiry committee for a period of one month al-lowing the committee to complete probe into the planted story.
The committee headed by Justice (retd) Aamir Raza Khan was formed last month to probe into the story published by Dawn newspaper about a high-level civil-military huddle. Other members of the committee include representatives from the security agencies ISI, MI and IB, read a notification issued by the interior ministry.
According to sources, the chairman of the com-mittee had requested the government to give ex-tension to the committee due to non completion of investigation. The com-mittee is inquiring into the circumstances of the alleged leak and establishing the identity of those responsible.
It was earlier reported that the committee has completed its work and soon its findings will be presented before the Prime Minister.
In this regard, Interior Minister Chaudhary Nisar Ali Khan while talking to the media had admitted that the committee has completed its investiga-tion into the whole af-fairs. However, now the request from the commit-tee’s chairman negates those claims.
According to sources, investigation into such a tricky issue is not an easy task and the committee requires more time to fi-nalize its report after completing all the re-quired procedures.
As a result of the publi-cation of the story filed by journalist Cyril Almeida, Pervaiz Rash-eed was also removed as Information Minister, as the government felt Rash-eed should have told the newspaper not to publish the story when he was contacted by the reporter.
“Pervaiz Rasheed called the reporter into his of-fice. Through my entire investigation I reached the conclusion that Per-vaiz Rasheed should have told the reporter that this story is wrong, ‘Do not publish this story in view of national interest’,” Inte-rior Minister Chaudhry Nisar had said in a press conference last month.
Journalist Cyril Almeida’s name was also placed on the Exit Con-trol List (ECL) after the publication of the story but his name was later removed by the Interior Ministry as a “goodwill gesture”.
The corps commander meeting headed by the then Chief of Army Staff Raheel Sharif had ex-pressed serious concern over what they said was “feeding of false and fab-ricated story of an impor-tant security meeting held at PM House and viewed it as breach of national security. The government has repeatedly rebutted the story as ‘false and fabricated’

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