3 wanted terrorists killed in Qatif shootout



The Interior Ministry announced the killing of three terrorists last Friday night after a shootout with security men in Sihat district in Qatif governorate. The ministry said the three terrorists were involved in a number of crimes against citizens and security personnel, as well as private and public property. The terrorists started shooting after being cornered by security personnel. Security spokesman at the Interior Ministry, Maj. Gen. Mansour Al-Turki, said on July 15, security personnel monitored three of the wanted terrorists in Al-Zhoor neighborhood in Sihat. They were driving a stolen Toyota Corolla with non-matching number plates.
Security personnel surrounded them and told them to surrender. But the terrorists started shooting and security personnel were forced to neutralize the danger to maintain the safety of pedestrians and themselves.
The operation resulted in the confiscation of more than 10 kg of ammunition, some thermal and other explosives, three machine guns and a pistol. Al-Turki said the dead terrorists were identified as Jaffar bin Hassan Makki Al-Mberik, a Saudi who was placed on the wanted list on Oct. 31, 2016; Hassan bin Mahmoud Ali Abu Abdullah, a Bahraini who was also placed on the wanted list on Oct. 31, 2016; and Sadeq Abdullah Mahdi Al-Darweesh, a Saudi.
All three were wanted by security authorities for their involvement in a number of criminal and terrorist activities, including shooting at security men, vehicles and security headquarters, which led to the killing of 10 security personnel over two and a half years.
They also participated in the armed robbery of a vehicle transferring money in Qatif; shot at, kidnapped and assaulted a number of citizens; and traded arms.
The ministry renewed its call for the remaining wanted terrorists to surrender. UAE lauds Saudi counterterrorism efforts The UAE lauded Saudi counterterrorism efforts, referring to the killing of three wanted suspects involved in terrorist operations in Qatif.
The UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation condemned the targeting by terrorist groups of the security and stability of the Kingdom.
The ministry reiterated the UAE’s firm rejection of all forms of terrorism and violence against the security of states and communities, regardless of the motives or perpetrators. It also expressed the UAE’s support of, and solidarity with, Saudi Arabia in fighting violence and terrorism, and urged the international community to stand together against this threat to the security and stability of all nations.—Agencies

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