3 students in Chitral attempt suicide over exam results

Our Correspondent


Three students living in different areas of Chitral attempted to end their lives on Tuesday, reportedly after they received their intermediate exam results and felt disheartened over their performance. The exam scores were released by colleges at 4pm on Monday but due to poor internet facilities in the region and excessive load on the website, many students were only able to see their results late Monday night or early Tuesday morning. One girl hailing from Chitral’s Reech area, who was described by her family members to have been a very bright and studious girl, jumped into the Chitral river after receiving what she perceived to be a “low score” in her intermediate examination. Her parents in their statement to the police said that they noticed her unusually quiet and withdrawn behaviour before she went missing. Police conducted an investigation into her disappearance which led to the discovery that she had flung herself into the river. Her body was later recovered by rescue officials.
Similarly, another girl from the Garam Chashma area also threw herself into the river after obtaining her intermediate exam result.

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