29 cases of dengue fever reported in six days


Staff Reporter

No less than 29 cases of dengue fever has been reported from different parts of Karachi during first six days of the current month, said Dr Abdul Rashid Shaikh, Sindh Programme Manager for Dengue Prevention and Control here on Thursday.
Sharing details of the current year’s statistics, he said 887 cases were registered during first eight months of the current month as compared to 2418 in 2016.
Attributing recent rains to sudden surge in the number of cases, he said health authorities were taking needed preventive measures including fumigation to avert any possible outbreak of the ailment.
Citizens, in general also need to protect themselves against dengue and chikunguniya causing mosquitoes through simple and cost effective steps.
He advised people to ensure that all utensils, containers, drums and tanks used by them to store water must necessarily be kept covered with equal attention for their regular use and proper re-filling.
Dr Shaikh said while watering plants or lawns adequate care is needed to avoid over watering and that puddles of filthy water be sprinkled with kerosene oil or mobil oil creating a film over the site and causing death of larvae produced by mosquito.
Mentioning that standing water are the commonest breeding points for malaria causing mosquitoes, he said this important aspect must also not be ignored with due care to keep oneself and children properly covered during evening and night.