For the past few days, there has been an opening discussion on social media about the Economic Advisory Council made by present government. Many people especially mullahs and their supporters criticised government for taking an Ahmadi as one of the advisors. The criticism converted into extremism.
I am a student and do not know much about the politics and its policies. But being a human and Muslim, I think that Islam would not allow anyone to mistreat anyone based on his beliefs. Even though Atif Mian is an Ahmadi, but he is Pakistani as well. He would have made suggestions that were better for Pakistan’s economy and if he was not sincere, he could have been expelled from his job. I think this nation needs to understand that Pakistan was made in the name of Islam and no law can be made against Islamic rules. This nation needs to have patience and should open its hands and hearts for minorities as well.
Wah Cantt

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