As national days of Pakistan turn closer repeatedly in the country, people briskly tape their fingers on social media to share videos and pictures bearing national songs and bywords of leaders of the country respectively. It befogs me soon to think of the current condition of our country fallen prey to multitudinous pitfalls. Without an iota of doubt we Pakistanis are celebrating our 71st year of independence, but the condition remains always same. Problems are yet left unsolved. Even though, they are being begotten and the string of issues is continually getting enlarged. Then, what kind of happiness we invariably enjoy since the 7 decades of independence we have celebrated? This question sounds loud. Focusing observation on three main pillars of country is enough to scrutinize the country’s current condition.
Firstly, the cities are fraught with garbage, smelling and forth. Hospitals lack medicine/facilities. A couple of weeks back, Dr Kamran Saeed said once by quoting the global access to healthcare index report, Pakistan stood at 52th among 92 countries in terms of scant availability of healthcare conveniences.
As per WHO, the past few years have seen some improvement in economic growth however, the social pointers exist challenging and Pakistan is lagging far behind. The mortality rate among children below the age of five years in Pakistan exists on top at 94 per 1,000 live births with diarrheal diseases, while infant mortality sets at 78 in 1,000 and maternal mortality statistics at an estimation of 276 in 100,000. Secondly, schools to some extent are divested of bathrooms, to some extent; they are deprived of shelters, if not, then definitely they run under the vulnerable type of shelter. As per media reports, one-third of schools in the country are deprived of water or rudiments of toilets or sanitation.
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