The current economic and social indicators do not pose a rosy picture for the upcoming government. Kudos to the Supreme Court of Pakistan that has already taken up the water issue seriously and established Dam Fund to raise money for the Bhasha and Mohamed Dams. Apart from water, economic, social, political and administrative challenges are coming with New Pakistan. Definitely, if PTI outlines all the issues systematically and scientifically, it can easily fix the decade-old problems at the shortest possible time.
Moreover, there is no doubt that the entire nation has gained a positive gesture from Imran Khan’s first speech. The way he briefed the nation – crippled with social and economic challenges – was applaudable. The speech of Khan reminded me of the period of Woodrow Wilson. In the early 19th century, Woodrow Wilson was elected as 28th President of United States. At that time, the economic and administrative condition of America was not tremendous.
When he came into power, he brought revolutionary reforms and laid the foundation of the progressive United States and peaceful world in his Fourteen Points. Similarly, after the results of this election, Khan will take over Pakistan full of crisis. But, the way he shows his determination and the way the world respond to his victory, it shows “Change is not coming, Change has come”.

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