Balochistan bleeds once again, that too, when the state is too busy to project itself a self-proclaimed victor of war-on-terror. It took non-state actors only one week to make the mockery of mighty claims and mounting assurances of curbing terrorists with iron grip. All the tall talk has been effectively reduced to square one. Reportedly, the Mustang blast-targeting a political gathering- swept over one hundred twenty innocent lives and left hundreds injured-the fear of dozens among them receiving fatal injuries looms though.
Meanwhile, grave concerns shown over Peshawar blast that the time is fertile for powers dying to create unrest in Pakistan and attack over ANP’s rally could be the bloody beginning of that are finding the shape. Unless things dramatically change this time around, who does not know that what is in the store for next few days for media to tell us? In all likelihood, an all-out upsurge will make life difficult for terrorists in every nook and crony of the country in coming few days. For us watching all that, it won’t be a big deal summarising that we have had enough hide and seek and now it will continue to be so until the back of last remaining terrorist is broken. Sounds familiar, isn’t it?
Hence, for the lasting peace and long-term solution of the menace concerned quarters must rise to the occasion and should adopt policy which is evenly poised without leaving any favourites for we have first-hand experience of such favourites turning against us. We learn from history that we don’t learn from history; the maxim is akin to our repetitive blunders. Thousands of civilian as well as soldiers alike have embraced martyrdom in the war-on-terror but policy-makers don’t seem keen enough to do justice with their sacrifices. We are heading for third consecutive election and new govt must adopt clear roadmap to nip terrorists in the bud to make life easier for the people of this country.
Tharparkar, Sindh

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