As the election days are approaching Kalabagh Dam issue is taking centre stage. No doubt, Pakistan is facing water scarcity problems for so many years but using Kalabagh Dam as only tool behind Water scarcity is sheer injustice to already water affected people of Sindh. Although it is true, making of Kalabagh Dam may save the country from floods and may store water for future use but it is not long-term and pragmatic solution because floods come for a few weeks but rest of the year’s water availability is unsubstantial and dismal.
Today, people must watch and keep watching in future for how long three barrages of Sindh have been dried and kept viewing deserted look. Meanwhile, how Karachi is facing water scarcity issues. Simultaneously, agrarian land of rest of Sindh has been facing water shortage along with limited availability of underground water for domestic use throughout the year.
Broadly speaking water scarcity is a global issue due to changing rapidly global weather patterns and the violation of Indus Water Treaty when it comes to Indian construction of dams on western waters.

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