Through columns of your esteemed newspaper I would request Election Commission of Pakistan and Caretaker PM to immediately order printing of forms that were filed by candidates in 2013 General Election, to which changes were made and have been rejected by Lahore High Court. There is no moral or legal justification in changes made in Election Nomination Form by parliamentary Committee, other than ill-intention to facilitate loan defaulters, tax evaders, criminals, money launderers and dual nationals from becoming eligible to contest elections. The Election Commission of Pakistan must show its independence by complying with judicial orders, and order printing of 2013 general elections at the earliest. Pakistan Printing Press has technical capability to print hundreds of thousands of such forms within two to three hours, if it so desires and has the will to do so.
I would rather have date of general elections delayed by a week rather than have men/ women of questionable integrity and credentials contest next general elections and indulge in abuse of power and financially plunder my country. Pakistan no longer has fiscal space to have its economy routed.
Unfortunately every political party seems to be in cahoots to facilitate few individuals, for various reasons. Few want to facilitate children of prominent leaders of PPP, PML (N), PTI etc who either posses foreign passports or are have permanent residential status making them eligible to become citizens of these foreign countries where they live permanently. This includes daughter of PPP leader who was born in London and children of numerous others in PML (N) and PTI, who are in process of acquiring foreign passports. Changes in Election Nomination form by Parliament, which violate letter and spirit of constitution and have been carried out with ulterior motives, are illegal and immoral.
Gull Zaman

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