Sir, I am going to share my and most of the students’ opinion about Sindh Education Board through this newspaper and beg the concerned authorities of SEB to look into it. “SEB” is the place where Quantity matters more than the Quality, where the weight of the copies matters more than the matter written inside them, where the beautiful decorated headings matter more than the beautifully described matter written. Sadly here, you don’t get marks for your creativity, intelligence, your opinion, but you get marks for serving the checkers with the most decorated copy, no one gives a darn about the actual answer to the question and that is the main reason why Pakistani students struggle when they fail to implement their education in universities and of course in practical life, and that’s not their fault actually, the Board is equally responsible for this.
No wonder why the condition of education in Sindh is in a constant decline since long and until and unless there’s a renaissance in the system of checking according to merit. I doubt that this condition might get any better in the distant future. Today local students have to take aid of foreign education, because not only they provide standard/quality education, but also provide assurance that students are rewarded according to their capability and creativity.

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