22524 kanal of vegetables cultivated with waste water discarded


Punjab Food Authority (PFA) Director General Noor ul Amin Mengal said PFA would not spare sewerage vegetables cultivators in any case in Punjab and operation will continue till elimination of vegetables crops which are being irrigated industrial waste and sewerage water.
DG Noor ul Amin Menagal said that crackdown has been entered into fourth phase against untreated waste water irrigated vegetables crops. On Thursday, PFA has discarded thousands of kilograms vegetables by ploughing on 2524 Kanal land in across the Punjab. Operation was carried out from Lahore to Raheem Yar Khan and Rajanpur to Attock districts by covering all districts of province. According to details, sewerage water treated vegetables cultivated on the area of 630 Kanalin Lahore, 578 Kanal in Faisalabad, 210 Kanal in Multan, and 278 Kanal in Rawalpindi and Gujranwala.
DG Noor ul Amin Mengal has supervised the operational activities of PFA filed staff in Lahore and encouraged their efforts in order to make Health Punjab mission. Mengal said that PFA will not spare to anyone and no compromise on the health issue of citizens, which produce due to food. PFA has ploughed on the different crops. PFA has been discarded vegetables which cultivated on more than 22524 from day one to till date, DG said.

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