FIA arrests ‘fake pir’

Staff reporter


The Federal Investigation Agency’s (FIA) cyber crime wing on Thursday arrested a man posing as a pir (faith healer) for allegedly sexually abusing women and then blackmailing them.
A resident of Haripur, the man is accused of harassing women who approached him for solutions to their problems, the FIA said. He then used to blackmail them through their videos and pictures.
Numerous videos have been found in the accuser’s possession, the agency said. A local court remanded him into FIA’s physical custody for seven days after a case was registered against him.
Cases of fake faith healers using their perceived position in society to abuse blackmail and harass women and men are not uncommon in Pakistan.
Last month, a ‘faith healer’ was arrested from Gujranwala for subjecting two minor girls to sexual assault.


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