2100 kanals acquired for Bara Kahu scheme

Staff Reporter

Islamabad—Federal Government Employees Housing Foundation has acquired approximately 2100 Kanal land for Bara Kahu Extension Scheme.
According to official documents, the office of the Land Acquisition Collector ICT has issued notification for acquisition of 6,932 kanals land situated in Mauza Sakrilla Bhara Kahu Islamabad. Moreover, 14611 kanals land has been surveyed and verified as available in Mauza chak Malata Dakhli Phulgran, Mauza Dohala Syedian, Mauza Phulgran,Bhara Kahu Islamabad.
The Housing Foundation intends to acquire the said land through Land Acquisition Collector ICT too as a part of Bhara Kahu extension to meet the housing requirement of its registered members. Payment to such land owners / affectees will be planned as per Captial Development Authority (CDA) and Islamabad Capital Terrority ICT approved standards. However, the ICT has not yet issued the requisite notification under Section- 4 of Land Acquisition Act.

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