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Master Beverages & Foods Ltd launches new soft drink

Master Beverages & Foods Limited launches their new range of soft drink brands.
Master Beverages & Foods limited unveiled their new brands of carbonated soft drinks at a Press Conference held at a local hotel in Lahore. Different flavours included Master Cola, LimFizz, Funtra and Rockk It. The event was attended by the management team, its employees, media personnel and well known bloggers. Addressing the event, the Chief Executive Officer of Master Beverages and Foods Limited, Mr. Sheikh Muhammad Asghar said “Master Beverages & Foods limited will focus on providing quality products to their consumers made at a state-of-the-art facility, using cutting edge technology while maintaining high levels of hygiene.” Their new portfolio of beverages will be available in PET bottles of 500ml, 1000ml and 1500ml at present and further expansions in packages will also happen in due course of time.
At the event Mr. Salman LatifRawn, Managing Director, said, “We are focusing on constantly improving our products and staying ahead of the curve by adopting practises that are used around the world to give our consumers beverages that are superior in taste and quality to other local brands in the market.—PR