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Khan leading Pakistan towards peace: Jehanzaib

Staff Reporter
Provincial Minister for MA&HR Ijaz Alam Augustine attended a ceremony of memorial service at Saint John Catholic Church and Christ Church at Yuhanabad to paid tribute to sacrifices rendered by religious minorities for the country over the years. In special service, Pakistani Christians not only prayed for the progress.
The provincial minister Ijaz Alam while addressing to the minorities said that the entire nation especially the whole Christian community can’t forget the day of 15th March 2015 belongs to the sad incident of Yuhanabad.
He said today again on 15th March another incident happened in Christchurch New Zealand, which is not tolerable and behalf on the entire Pakistani Christian Community strongly condemned of the incident in which at least 49 Muslims martyred during their prayer. He emphasized that Pakistan is our motherland, and it is a duty for all of us to help it advance and flourish.
The minister said that “Minorities in Pakistan have exactly the same rights and responsibilities as other citizens,” as Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, during his a speech, proclaimed all minorities as equal citizens of the new nation.