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PTI govt snatching roof from poor masses

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government, which claims to provide roof to the poor people, has stepped up the action of snatching roof from the poor masses. The influential qabza group in Yazma tehsel, the constituency of PTI-ally, PML-Q Federal Minister for Housing and Works Tariq Bashir Cheema, attacked the kachi abadi in the presence of police and administration and lit the houses of poor people. Police on the occasion became the mute spectators. The women and children in the house were also tortured. The inured women and children were shifted to Bahawalpur Victoria Hospital where they are being provided medical treatment. The affectees told media persons that in the absence of their men, the Chaudhrys of the area entered their houses and tortured and harassed the women and children.—INP