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China supports Pakistan cause

CHINA blocked on Wednesday India’s bid to designate Jaish-e-Mohammad chief Masood Azhar as a global terrorist in the United Nations Security Council 1267 list. It was the third time that the UN Security Council was considering a resolution to put Azhar on the UN sanctions blacklist, which would subject him to a global travel ban and assets freeze. China has twice blocked — in 2016 and 2017 — attempts to impose sanctions on the JeM chief. The group itself was added to the list in 2001.
Unlike Britain, France and the United States, which tried to pursue the cause of India, apparently on economic and commercial considerations, China has acted maturely and its considerate move is reflective of the reality that Beijing prefers resolution of the issues through consultations and discussions and not through coercion. Sanctions have largely been misused by some major powers to advance their national objectives in different regions of the globe but China’s position was highlighted by its Foreign Ministry spokesperson who declared in Beijing that China wanted a closure of the issue based on consensus achieved through dialogue. Britain, France and the United States, in a way, tried to help fulfil desire of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to isolate Pakistan through diplomatic and economic moves. It was also in this background that Pakistan has formally requested the Financial Action Task Force to remove India from the co-chair of a body that is reviewing progress on implementation of an action plan, in a development that is aimed at frustrating Indian tactics to get Islamabad blacklisted. China has also raised a very pertinent issue by urging the international community to also focus on the Kashmir dispute while making such demands. It is India’s endeavour to malign the legitimate freedom struggle of Kashmiri people, who were promised the right of self-determination by the UNSC as well, and the move to designate Masood Azhar to the list is part of the campaign to link the struggle with the menace of terrorism. People of Pakistan are thankful to China for coming to the rescue of Pakistan as the move was also aimed at tarnishing image of the country. Attempts to link Pakistan with terrorism are loathsome keeping in view the progress achieved by the country in the war against terror and its leading role in efforts to restore peace in the war-torn Afghanistan.