1973 Constitution guarantees basic human rights: Shahbaz


Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif has said that the purpose to celebrate ‘Youm-i-Dastoor’ or the ‘Day of the Constitution’ is to pay tribute to founders of the constitution and political workers.
While congratulating the nation on Pakistan’s ‘Youm-i-Dastoor’ or the ‘Day of the Constitution’, the Chief Minister said that it was all due to the courage and determination of the creators of the constitution that the nation got a federal, democratic and parliamentary constitution and for this the services rendered by the then architects and members of the national assembly were appreciable.
He added that this constitution guarantees democracy, equality, tolerance and personal freedom. Shehbaz Sharif said that 44 years backs the people’s elected democratic leadership gave a gift of this constitution to the nation. Certainly, the unanimous constitution of 1973 was a landmark achievement of our parliamentary history.
The constitution of 1973 not only created unity among this nation but also introduced new dimensions of national and provincial autonomy. The Chief Minister said that the socio-economic progress and development in Pakistan was possible only if the constitution was implemented in true letter and spirit.
The constitution ensured mutual respect, social justice, and equality to followers of different religions. The chief minister said the constitution of 1973 is the custodian for setting up of Islamic society and basic human rights.
The Chief Minister said that the constitution provides an opportunity to different federating units to live in peace and tranquility and autonomously. The sanctity of the constitution demands its implementation in true spirit. This day is a day to reiterate the promise that we will maintain the supremacy of this constitution.
The chief minister said our benefactors have played an important role in promoting constitutional and political harmony and unity in the country. The constitution of 1973 is the result of untiring efforts of our veteran politicians.
Disregarding the political affinity of the people, our political leadership has made the dispersed nation united. The chief minister said:’ We would have to solemnly pledge on this day that we would make the country progress by following the constitution of Pakistan’.
The Punjab government reiterates its commitment to protect the rights of the people as well as providing services to them in line with the constitution of Pakistan. He said: ‘We will also reiterate this commitment to fail all such attempts aiming at damaging the democratic, parliamentary and federal spirit of the constitution’.—APP

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