We are ashamed of not protecting and giving justice to the victims’ families. Besides Zainab, there are 11 more minor girls asking for justice. The government see it otherwise. Sketches of the murder and bounty on the head-money are just an effort to pull the wool on the eyes of the people. It is a sensitive issue and people get emotionally involved. The rest of the people are worms and insects not worth protection. Zainab may not get justice but she has become a symbol of depraved behaviour. The criminals are freely roaming in the streets of the city. We must apprehend them and bring them to justice.
Police did nothing to find the missing child. Not a louse crawled. Police could have saved its face. It should have worked diligently and rounded up some criminals from the vicinity. Thousands of people find themselves in trouble. The entire city is protesting against the incident.

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