Those who attacked peaceful, unarmed Pakistani Christians offering prayers in a Quetta church have violated teachings of Holy Prophet (PBUH). Merely labelling a State as Islamic does not make it one. The Madinah Welfare State concept offers justice and equality for all citizens with freedom to exercise their beliefs.
It is inconceivable for a Muslim to attack Christians or their Churches. The Last Prophet signed a treaty with Christians of Najran, and this testament exists even today in monastery of Catherine and is testimony if any is needed of the importance for interfaith harmony in Madinah Welfare State concept. The treaty signed by the Holy Prophet states “in a pledge of protection on behalf of ALLAH and his Apostle, and so that this is for the Moslems who will come after him, a pact which will engage them, that they will have to admit, to recognize for authentic and to observe in their favour”.
It forbids any Moslem not to betray or violate this treaty and protect Christians and their places of worship and further states “Because the religion that ALLAH imposed, and the pact whom it made, makes protection obligatory. That which will not observe this pact, will violate its sacred duties, and that which violates its sacred duties does not have fidelity and will be disavowed by Allah and all the sincere Believers” no bishop will be moved of his episcopal seat, nor no monk of his monastery, nor no priest of his cure, no humiliation will weigh on them.”
Islam is a religion of peace and there is no place in it for those who indulge in violence, abuse and humiliation of others. Those who resort to violence in name of religion are guilty of distorting the message of the Last Prophet.

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