16 lawbreakers including three gamblers rounded up


Police in their crackdowns against anti-social elements have arrested 16 lawbreakers including three gamblers and two kite sellers besides recovering 4190 grams charras, 36 liter liquor, 120 kites and 27 kite flying string rolls from their possession. According to a police spokesman, Rattaamral police held Moman Khan for having 220 grams charras. Naseerabad police netted Kashif on recovery of 1225 grams charras.
Civil Line police apprehended Imran and recovered 240 grams charras while 1055 grams charras was also recovered from Nazir Kiani. Saddar Wah police arrested Zeeshan with 1300 grams charras. Murree police held Anis on recovery of 150 grams charras.
Gungmandi and Naseerabad police arrested Waqas, Rahmat, Owais and Saifullah who were sent behind the bars for having 6, 10, 10 and 10 liters liquor respectively.
Kahuta police held Arslan and recovered 60 kites and 15 string rolls while Khurram was booked for having 60 string rolls and 12 kites. Pirwadhai police arrested Shoukat and recovered four rounds of 30 bore pistols.
Meanwhile, Civil Line police acting on a tip-off conducted a raid in ‘Gora Qabristan’ area in its jurisdiction and rounded up three namely Farooq, Sabotra and Faisal who were allegedly involved in gambling while playing cards. Police also recovered Rs5500 cash stake money from their possession.—APP

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