15th of Ramazan to be marked as Orphan Day

The 15th day of the month of Ramazan in the Islamic world including Pakistan would be marked as World Orphans Day.
The fifteenth of Ramazan has been declared as a special day for the orphan children of the Muslim world. In December with the partnership of OIC an international conference was held titled “The Role of Rising Civil Society Organizations in the Islamic World”. At the conference where, senior executives of the Civil Society of the Islamic World, that participated in the conference IHH, highlighted the problems that orphans face during war, invasion, natural disaster and crisis living areas and proposed to comprehend a specific day once every year as a World Orphans day to make it the world agenda and raise awareness to the problems orphans face.
World Orphans Day, OIC pointed out the fact that the international community should take action to raise awareness about this day for the orphans and urged to start all kinds of social projects. World Orphans Day will be recognized for the first time this year on the 15th day of Ramazan.
HH, which operates around in 140 countries around the world, is trying to draw attention to the fact that, in the world countries there is a deficiency in being productive in social politics. Murat Yilmaz explains their study that they have done in order to attract the attention of the world countries: IHH Orphan Care Unit President Murat Yilmaz said that World Orphans Day should be able to emphasis on the the group of children that are mostly abused.—APP

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