15pc Punjab budget being spent on health: Suleman

Salim Ahmed


Provincial Minister for Health Kh Suleman Raffique has said that 15 percent of total budget in Punjab is being spent on health sector and it has been doubled during current fiscal year. Patients are moving towards Punjab public hospitals due to the devastated condition of public hospitals in KPK. PTI’s government has failed to establish single hospital having modern healthcare facilities. 30 to 40 % patients getting admission in Children Hospital Lahore are from KPK included patients of cancer, heart and other diseases.
Similarly, a large number of patients from KPK are getting medical treatment in the public hospitals of the Punjab including Victoria and Civil Hospitals of Bahawalpur, Nashter Hospital, Cardiology institute and burn center in Multan, government hospital of Darya Khan and cardiology institutes of Lahore, Faisalabad and Rawalpindi. The Minister further maintained that ‘Tabdeeli Sarkar’ is planning to cut down Rs. 3 billion from the Health Budget in upcoming fiscal year. During current fiscal year KPK government had allocated PKR. 12 Billion for health sector but this time the government intends to allocate just PKR. 9 billion 20 crores. It seems that health is not the priority of KPK government as no new projects are in government’s consideration except the construction of burn centers and cardiology laboratories in DHQs and THQs in upcoming budget.
Contrary to this, imparting the best health facilities is the first and foremost priority of government of Punjab. During current fiscal year PKR 263.22 Billion had been allocated for health sectors that is 15.4 Percent of total budget rather government of KP had allocated 66.50 Billion that is only 11.03 percent of total budget. It’s the consequence of such Tabdeeli that hospitals in big cities like Peshawar and Mardan have turned into the heaps of garbage. Despite getting the standard of Medical Teaching Institution, Lady Reading Hospital Peshawar has yet deprived of the facility a blood bank. Similarly Mardan Medical Complex, which is considered one of the biggest hospitals in KP, has become a source of spreading Jaundice due to the lack of disposable syringes and cannulas.

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