Doctors and lawyers are supposed to be educated professionals and the people come to them for getting their ailments treated and legal problems solved. But the people are highly disappointed when they do not see doctors in hospitals and lawyers in courts. One is forced to say lamentedly oh, these educated professionals on seeing their highly non-professional conducts. Few days back, young doctors had gone on strike in support of their demands boycotting even attending emergency cases. Some of them had even resorted to illegal activities.  Now only on Monday (August 21), lawyers in Lahore itself had created law and order situation, to say the least, on an issue of some Multan lawyers misbehaving with judges of the High Court Multan Bench and the Lahore High Court taking notice of the ugly incident. The lawyers were protesting for withdrawal of arrest warrants of Multan Bar President and in doing so they crossed the lines as a result of which law enforcing agencies retaliated to restore order in and outside the Lahore High Court premises. They announced boycotting the courts on Tuesday not in Lahore but also throughout Punjab province on quite an unreasonable issue. Without going into further details, one can only ask the doctors and lawyers to pause and ponder as to whether what they are doing in this manner suits their professions which are somehow looked upon with respect by the people. Their conducts in these manners are highly regretful and forces people to say: oh, these educated professionals. They should ensure going by the law and doing their duties faithfully and sincerely towards patients and clients without resorting to illegal , uncalled for and unprofessional tactics, please.M Z RIFATLahore

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