Independence Day is no doubt a happy time for our nation. After a lot of sacrifices and losses, we got this country. Nevertheless, unfortunately we never understand the true meaning of independence. Our nation is still living with the same stereotype mindset. Pakistan is the sixth populated country facing several issues like poverty, illiteracy, energy crisis, corruption and political instability, terrorism and unemployment. In Pakistan, the majority of population is living below the poverty line, in such scenario it is very difficult for poor people to feed their families in an adequate manner, which leads towards malnutrition.
According to FAO, 37.5 million people in Pakistan are under nourished. In spite of being an independent nation, not everyone has freedom of speech and freedom to choice. One has to face irrefutable consequences after saying what they want to say. Pakistan is a country where everyone is internalized with stereotype mindset where girls and boys cannot even choose their career according to their choice.
Pakistan was created for all, but this concept is also left behind. Minorities in our society is not having equal support and rights as majority does; for minorities, opportunities are not as open as for others. To make Pakistan a successful and developed country it is necessary to give all, either minority or majority, equal rights and work as a unified team to make Pakistan actually a free and united nation.

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