This is with reference to Zafar Quershi’ s diatribe “ Looking beyond Slander “ published in your esteemed newspaper. His analysis is flawed and biased. It is conjectural & based on assumptions and preconceived notions about PTI and its leader.
It appears from his rant that he has made up his mind that Khan is guilty. He is calling shots at the PTI poor women who have come out to defend their party leader against such malicious & baseless allegations. I do not think they have condemned Ayesha. They are just defending their leader who to them is a decent and honourable man.
The PTI women’s wing has nothing to do with their protest. They have not started a vilifying campaign against Ayesha. They have denounced her allegations, as they know her better than us. She alleges that Khan has sent her indecent messages through phone. SMS on her blackberry phone. She likes expensive things. Was it gifted to her by Khan as she suggests that Khan asked the women workers to buy blackberries because the data can not be traced.
In fact she is alleging Khan has sexually harassed her charges are of serious nature. These must be independently investigated and probed. Mr. Quershi has criticised the conduct of her colleagues in denouncing her. They are just using their brain and defending their party leader. Khan must be heard first before we pronounce him guilty. It is her word against him & his word against her. We cannot tell who is telling the truth. PML (N) ‘s interest in this affair shows who is behind this story. The cat is out of the bag.
They are fuelling the fire which will ultimately burn them too. A very dangerous game to play. The P M L (N) women wing has become active to malign Khan. Mr. Quershi seems to be too opinionated and charging Khan to be the perpetrator of this heinous crime. He must relax and wait for the enquiry report into these allegations.

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