The heartbreaking tragic incident that occurred near Ahmedpur Sharqia reflects our deteriorating social life. The agony and pain, the victims suffered is unexplainable. In a society where economic conditions are so crushing a few drops of free petrol were so alluring for them that it took more than 150 lives. Time and again such tragedies have taken toll of innocent souls. Collecting petrol in pots and household utensils was as risky as it turned to be and charred the bodies of most of the beneficiaries. Unfortunately, we have least civic sense in cities; what to speak of villages. It is more shocking that no proper burnt medical facility was available in two main hospitals of Bahawalpur. We are yet reeling for appropriate facilities even after 70 years of independence.
The more tragic is the news that despite repeated requests of Police to stay away from the scene, people kept pouring in to benefit from free petrol that ultimately annihilated them. Our government must devise a plan to overcome such disastrous situations and educate people not to threaten their lives for a few pennies. May the souls of all deceased rest in peace. Amen.

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