12 more killed in US drone strike

Tariq Saeed


The American CIA operated pilotless planes commonly known as drones in fresh hit, fifth within short span of few days, along the Pak Afghan border on Friday killed dozen more people. There are reports that as many as six hideouts of the alleged terrorists were also flattened in the missiles hit.
While official sources think the drone attack was carried in the Khosh Kurram area inside Afghanistan, the independent sources insisted the compound targeted by the predator planes fall in the undefined tribal territory alongside the Pak-Afghan border.
“As many as 12 alleged terrorists were killed in a drone attack near Pak-Afghan border in Khosh Kurram area on Friday”. Sources said adding the US planes targeted six compounds with at least six hellfire missiles that completely destroyed two of the hideouts and resulted in the killing of over a dozen inmates.
Though the identity of those killed could not be clearly ascertained with the officials saying those may be suspected militants, the local apprehend ordinary tribal people might have fallen prey to the fresh strikes.
The US drones, it may be recalled have during the last less than a week period struck five times at Pak Afghan border mostly near Kurram agency from where the valiant security forces led by the Pakistan army and its intelligence wing ISI have rescued a an American lady, her Canadian husband and two kids in an most effective and successful operation on October 11.
During this period over 40 alleged terrorist were killed including Chief of Jamaat ul Ahrar a splinter group of Tehreek-e-Taliban Umar Mansoor alias Khalid Khurasani believed to be the master mined of the deadly Army Public School Peshawar attack on 16th December 2014.
While independent sources said a number of recent drone attacks were carried in the Pakistan tribal belt near Kurram agency, the Inter Services Public Relations said there has been no air violation along Pak-Afghan border in that area and not a single drone strike was conducted in Kurram Agency adding military operations are being conducted in Khost and Paktia province of Afghanistan, opposite Kurram Agency which involves air activity as well.

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