Hashim Abro

Educated, many of them highly skilled and equipped with professional degrees but source- less and resources-less youth are in search of jobs but jobs are for only either for the {re-} tired, the proverbial deadwood Babas who do nothing but waste resources of the state over non-productive activities such as lovely lunches, sumptuous dinners in big hotels and foreign trips, or jobs are for those who have contacts and connections with the people in power and authority.
Tests and interviews only an eyewash and wastage of resources both of the state and the aspirating candidates. All jobs are for the blue-eyed ones who may be duds and duffers but jobs they deserve because the contemptuous policy what we call “ Chacha-Mamma Policy: works in this lawless and juiceless society. A society where there is no fear of Allah, there individuals and people in power and authority are not subservient to any legal frame or law.

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