11 killed, hundreds injured in traffic accidents during Eid holidays

Staff Reporter

Lahore—At least 11 people were lost their lives and hundreds were badly injured in road side traffic accidents, occurred in different areas of provincial capital during Eid vacations. Most effected were bike rider and lost their lives during one-wheeling and Large number of youngsters spent their Eid holidays performing jeopardizing stunts on motorcycles.
According to details, one wheeling continued unchecheked during the Eid holidays in Lahore as motorcyclists, mostly teenagers, were witnessed performing dangerous stunts and driving their two wheelers on one wheel on the busy road of the city.
These bikers not only endangered their own lives but also threatened other, besides interrupting the flow of traffic. Traffic wardens deployed on the city’s roads during Eid holidays could not contain the fun-loving teenagers from violating the law.
Out of these injured more than 325 were landed to the emergency of LAHORE General Hospital (LGH) and mostly belong to bone fracture, head injures and other serious injuries, mostly were in critical condition.
Most injured persons were admitted to neurosurgery ward. Hospital’s administration has confirmed death of 8 people due to traffic accidents.
According to doctors of Services hospital received 158 injured in traffic accidents has been received in emergency ward and 2 deaths have been confirmed in the hospital.
Similarly 118 wounded were brought to Jinnah hospital and one death was confirmed there. 275 injured were brought to Mayo hospital and 210 were reported to Ganga Ram Hospital. Every year, on occasions such as Chand Raat and Eid an enormous number of motorcyclists are seen performing stunts such as one-wheeling on various roads of the provincial Capital.

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