Noor Bakhsh

International Women’s Day is celebrated globally on March 8 every year. My good wishes on the occasion are with them as I am a a big supporter of women’s rights. Their rights should be given. No doubt, up to the 18th century women were meant for the household work, they didn’t have any right to take part in national affairs which were basically handled by the male members; in fact they had monopoly and dictatorship over woman members.
Furthermore, it would be a matter of concern for the civilized society that indeed we are living in the 21st century, but still women are not 100% safe especially in deserted areas, they are also not safe at workplace or even at home. Because of the opposite sex attraction and malicious and dirty mentality, crimes against women are high. Female members are required to be protected. Dowry, rape, Female foeticide, kidnapping and molestation are some common crimes against women.
However, we are living the 21st century but still women are hesitating to move alone in the deserted, dark areas of the city. Why women are not 100% safe this is because of the dirty mentality of the opposite sex. They will become safe and can move anywhere without cruse of a male when the mentality and the intention of the opposite sex will become absolutely normal. Authorities are requested to bring gender equality in the country so they should not face discrimination.

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