10 more products finalised for GI tags: Dawood


The Ministry of Commerce has approved a list of 10 more products, including fruits and gemstones, for demanding exclusive rights under Geographical Indication (GI).

In a series of tweets on Saturday, Advisor to Prime Minister on Commerce and Trade Abdul Razak Dawood announced that the ministry is glad to share that it has approved a further list of ten products for GI.

Detailing about the products, he said, “These include agro and non- agro items (including) Chaunsa mango, Sindhri mango, kinnow, Hunza ruby, Swat emerald, Kashmiri tourmaline, Skardu topaz, Skardu aquamarine, Peridot Stone and Peridot Valley.”

He said that the GI will serve as the potential economic tool to promote and enhance national and international trade by allowing premium prices for Pakistan’s products.

“The GI will also help ‘Make in Pakistan’ products to empower further our branding, which is missing in our exports,” he said.

Earlier on June 01, stressing on branding, Abdul Razak Dawood said, “In order to further enhance our exports, we have to pay attention to our own brand development.

Our local brands still need to do a lot for recognition in the international market hence more effort is required from our exporters.

” He said that although potential is there, yet there is need to focus more on the branding side in order to get the desired results and make a place in the competitive market.

The protection of geographical indications helps a country boost its exports, support rural development, and enhance the livelihood of agriculture producers and skilled craftsmen.

The marketing of GI products also enhances secondary economic activities to boost regional economic development.

The GI law protects local Pakistani products such as the Peshawari chappals, Multani blue pottery, Hunza apricots, Hala ajrak, Kasuri methi, Chaman grapes, Turbat dates etc. —TLTP