Zardari’s interview


Maheen Miandad

This refers to the news report about former President Asif Zardari, the PPP co-chairperson, when he expressed his opinion during interview to a TV channel. The PPP supremo and his party members seem brilliant only in reciting the cliché of sacrifices and in beating the drum of being wronged and discriminated by the Federal Government, whereas they seem blissfully ignorant about fact that they have broken all the records of mismanagement, nepotism and corruption during their two consecutive tenures in Sindh. The co-chairperson also seems oblivious of the fact that his party is fast inching towards decline, with he and his aides caught up in complex web of issues, corruption charges being one of them. Anybody who doesn’t live up to the expectations becomes thorn in their flesh. AD Khawaja (Inspector General of Police, Sindh) prefers merit and rule of law to rule of jungle. The very fact is hard for the party to digest. One wonders what message the party is giving to the people that it doesn’t want those people who are men of honesty and integrity. Take any department under the provincial government: it will reek of corruption and malpractice. The competitive examination conducted through the Sindh Public Service Commission (SPSC) has become controversial because of the induction of tainted people into the key posts. The party supremo has also serious objection to the powers given to the FIA, NAB and Rangers in Sindh simply because they pose threat to their massive corruption and incompetent government. The PPP’s lamenting about not being allowed to deliver the performance in Sindh is similar to the unskilled carpenter blaming his tool for his poor work. The party has already alienated the Punjab province that was once seen as the stronghold of their vote. With their short-sighted policies and brazen corruption, it will soon witness decline in Sindh as well.