Youths pledge to make Pakistan a land of peace


Zubair Qureshi

Youth of Islamabad and Rawalpindi on Friday pledged to make Pakistan a great country of the world, a leading nation and a land of peace and prosperity. They made this pledge while participating in a ceremony marking Independence Day and the International Youth Day here at the Pakistan Youth Hostel Association (PYHA). A Mushaira (poetic recital) was also organized on the occasion in which noted poets of Islamabad and Rawalpindi read out their patriotic kalam.
Secretary PYHA ex-Ambassador Qazi Humayun welcomed the guests and highlighted the significance of the day. He said we should acknowledge the sacrifices of our forefathers and value the blessing of freedom. About the UN International Youth Day and the PYHA’s endeavors to popularize sports and adventurism, Ambassador Humayun said hosteling drives sustainable tourism to foster development globally. The amazing thing is that your travels with us can help us do this. When you travel you learn, spread your message, take a new one back home and open your mind. He said the Youth Hostels are there in the hilly and mountainous areas to offer boarding on affordable discounted rated.
Chaudhry Nasim Pervaiz, a historian enlightened the audience about various stages of the Pakistan Movement that led to the establishment of Pakistan. “The price of Pakistan, my children, is very high and you should learn to value and cherish it.” Nasim Pervaiz, born in 1950, shared with the audience his father Chaudhry Umer Din’s account of the riots in 1947, how his father, a young boy at that time, took refuge in Jamia Masjid of Delhi and saw hundreds of Muslims including his own relatives slaughtered in the massacre. Students of Margalla College F-7/4, Palwasha Iqbal, Hajra Riaz another student Ahmed Bilal delivered speeches on Independence and How to realize dream of Quaid-e-Azam. Anusha and Iman two little girls presented patriotic song on the occasion. Students were unanimous in their view -that at a time when Pakistan is 70-year old, a charter should be given for the youth of Pakistan to set a line of action forward. Fareha Yousaf, Students Adviser at a private school system called upon the grown-ups to engage their children in day-to-day activities so that they could grow into productive members of society. Attired in green clothes with Pakistan flags on their shoulders the students were giving the audience a promise of better brighter future.
At the end of the ceremony, poets Anjum Khaliq, Asghar Abid, Shaida Chishti, Wafa Chishti, Ali Kaswar and Assad Ali presented their patriotic kalam and reiterated their belief in Pakistan and its future. They said we have noble examples of Quaid-e-Azam, Liaquat Ali Khan, Maulana Mohammad Ali Johar and Allama Mohammad Iqbal to follow and charter our own course in the present-day gloom situation. The participants also commended efforts of eminent writer Mazharul Islam in creatively and successfully organizing the event.